Facebook Community Group Participation Tips

Posting Comments & Questions

Please honor your course group by keeping your posts directly related to the course and its content, including course homework assignments and deepening practice suggestions.

This is not an appropriate place for posting commentary on unrelated issues or topics or for promoting personal products or services. Inappropriate posts may be reported or pulled from the forum. 

The Course Community Group is also not the appropriate place to discuss technical issues, course delivery concerns, or other grievances. For such issues, please contact our Customer Support team directly by submitting a Help Request or by calling (415) 223-7565 Mon–Thu 9am-4pm Pacfic. 

Edit & Delete Posts

On a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Hover over the post you want to edit or delete.
  2. Click on the series of three dots that appear in the upper-right corner of the post.
  3. Select “Edit” or “Delete.”

On a mobile device:

  1. Tap on the post you want to edit or delete. Several options will appear.
  2. Select “Edit” or “Delete.”


Facebook group settings are defaulted to send you an email with every post in your group. To change what email notifications you receive from your group, follow the instructions below.

On a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Click on the “Notifications” button below the community group header.
  2. Select your notification preferences from the options provided in the drop down menu.


On a mobile device:

  1. Tap on the series of three dots at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on “Notification Settings,” and select your notification preferences from the options provided.


Support & Faculty Questions

Support Questions

If you need assistance from Customer Support regarding your course experience, please contact our support staff by submitting a Help Request or by calling (415) 223-7565 Mon–Thu 9am–4pm Pacific. 

Faculty Questions

Faculty participation in Facebook community groups varies based on course format. The best methods for asking questions are to either submit inquiries during a designated, live session Q&A time or via the “Ask a Question” button on your Course Homepage between live sessions.

Please note that due to the size of most courses, faculty may not be able to answer all questions.

Privacy Settings

Only members of the group can see posts. Facebook has 2 levels of privacy settings for groups: 

  • PUBLIC—Anyone can join or be added to the group; we do not use this setting.
  • PRIVATE—Only people added to the group will be able to see information about the group and members. This is the setting we use for our Course Community Groups.

Your posts will show up in your personal newsfeed, but they are ONLY visible to other group members. For more information on Facebook’s privacy settings click here.

Close Facebook Account

You are welcome to close your account once you have taken the course. The course community group will remain open for up to one year after the completion of your course.

Note: Most live courses have an exclusive Facebook Course Community Group. Summits and On-demand courses do not have Facebook Community Groups.

Click here to contact Customer Support.

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