Don’t use Facebook? You can still participate in the course!

Most live courses have an exclusive Facebook Course Community Group that is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you can continue discussions about your course materials and interact with your fellow students to take your exploration to an even deeper level. Although joining the FB group for your course is entirely optional, we welcome your participation!

Note: On-demand courses and summits do not have their own Facebook Community Groups. 

Ways to Participate Without Being in the Facebook Community Group

Live Sessions & Breakout Groups

We offer live class sessions with interactive small "breakout group" time at the end of the live class. For more information about participating in live sessions, please check out these articles: 

Recordings & Transcripts

If you're not able to participate in the live sessions, the next level of involvement is to listen to the recordings of these sessions. (Note: the breakout group time is not included in the recordings.) You may watch or listen to the session recordings online or download them and transfer them to various devices to listen to at your convenience. Transcripts are also made available within approximately one week of each live session for people who wish to read the material.

Handouts & Homework

It is important to engage with the course material fully to embody any desired results. This includes handouts, assignments and deepening practices requested by the faculty.

Course Homepage

Your purchase includes permanent access to all course content—accessible online or via downloads—unless refunded or otherwise specified. 

All course materials will be posted onto a Course Homepage website, including recordings, transcripts, weekly handouts, live session access information, and bonuses. The recordings are posted within 24–48 hours of each live class. Transcripts are posted about one week after each live class. 

Approximately 2 weeks after the last class, a zip file will be posted on the Course Homepage, allowing for an easy, one-click download of all of the audio recordings, transcripts, and other written materials. Any videos will need to be downloaded individually, as they are too large to include in the zip file.

As the course progresses, you may also download any individual files as they become available. This will allow you to access them when you are not online.

Unsure About Participating in the Facebook Community Group

We certainly understand the concerns some may have about using social media, such as Facebook. Naturally, we thought long and hard before deciding to use Facebook Groups, and did so initially because of an overwhelming number of requests from our participants. We realize that there is perhaps no single community platform that works for everyone, and we do know that some of our participants are disappointed in the choice to use Facebook. Please know that we take your feedback to heart!

Happily, we found that by using Facebook for our community groups, more people than ever decided to actively participate in their course groups in a beautiful and meaningful way. So we plan to continue using Facebook as our group platform.

To assist you with your decision on whether or not to join your course group, we'd like to share a couple of ideas that you might like to consider and see if they are right for you.

If privacy and anonymity are your chief concerns, although against Facebook's policy, some individuals have elected to open a free, personal Facebook account for yourself using an alteration of your name. Please visit this link where Facebook details what they allow when creating an account. (If you use a different name on FB than the one you are registered for your course with, you'll need to let us know by reply to this email so that we can add you to the group.)

Note that you do not have to upload a photograph of yourself in order to have a Facebook account. In fact, you don't have to upload a photo at all, or you can upload a picture of your favorite animal or flower, for example.

Only members of the group can see posts. Facebook has 2 levels of privacy settings for groups: 

  • PUBLIC—Anyone can join or be added to the group; we do not use this setting.
  • PRIVATE—Only people added to the group will be able to see information about the group and members. This is the setting we use for our Course Community Groups.

Your posts will show up in your personal newsfeed, but they are ONLY visible to other group members. For more information on Facebook’s privacy settings click here.

Perhaps you might like to consider a trial run? You could open an account just to use for the duration of the course and see if you enjoy participating in the course group. You can delete your FB account after the course ends or at any time.

We hope we have given you some options that might make you feel more comfortable participating in the course group, but if you still feel that this is not for you, then we do understand. Participation in the FB group for your course is not mandatory.

If you decide to give it a try, here are the instructions on how to Create a Facebook Account.

Once you've done that, please go to the Community Group tab on your Course Homepage, and follow the instructions for joining the group. The Course Homepage can be found on the Premium Access Website, by signing in with the same email address used when registering for your program. 

Click here to contact Customer Support 



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