Sound Healing Summit 2019

The live event aired September 9-13, 2019.

Nada Brahma

This concept from ancient India means that the whole universe was created from the energy of sound...

Have you experienced the healing power of sound?

From Tibetan singing bowls for meditation and chakra balancing... to the energy-clearing and harmonizing power of tuning forks...

... to the sacred vibrations of your own voice … sounding your soul through humming, singing, even speaking...

These therapeutic tools are deeply transformative and the keys to a healthier and more peaceful, grounded, resonant life…

Are you aware that your vocal sounds can provide a holographic picture of your body’s nutritional needs? Or that ancient sound symbols combined with advanced sound technology can regenerate unhealthy cells?

Sound-healing approaches can also harmonize your energy body and biofield — and help you transmute anxiety and depression into higher frequencies of love and joy!

These approaches are not new, or new age… in fact, for thousands of years, cultures from around the world have used vibrational medicine to treat illness, revitalize the body, and elevate the spirit.

Every living being (in fact, everything in the universe!) is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you — from your organs to your bones to your tissues to the fluid in your cells and the electromagnetic field around your body — has a healthy vibrational frequency.

When you're out of harmony with a part of yourself or your environment, the resonance of your vibratory frequency is low. This dissonance causes dis-ease and stress — and, over time, chronic illness and other imbalances.

Restore your healthy vibratory frequency.

Today, medical practitioners use sound healing to treat depression, panic attacks, grief, anger, sleep challenges, and more…

In fact, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and autoimmune disorders are all being treated with sound-healing therapies — which also boost the immune system.

Sound therapy has led to remarkable success in helping lessen the tremors in Parkinson’s patients, calming autistic adults, and bringing a sense of safety and peace to homeless shelter residents.

Gentle (yet powerful), therapeutic, and restorative — sound can harmonize your entire being. And now you can equip yourself with the right approaches and techniques in vibrational medicine for YOUR unique needs.

This online event gives you access to an unprecedented gathering of diverse sound-healing pioneers and practitioners, who’ll be sharing the latest science and leading-edge techniques.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:





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