Troubleshooting Order Form Issues

Order Form Tips

If you are having trouble with an Order Form, please try the following suggestions before attempting again (please also double check your banking account to ensure it didn't go through):

To prevent duplicate orders, click the Complete My Order button once and allow it to process. If the page DOES NOT load or bring you to a confirmation page (give it 30-60 seconds), click it once more. For any further processing issues, please email us

Once your order is successfully processed, you will be redirected to a thank-you confirmation page. You will also be sent an online receipt and orientation email from The Shift Network. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders or Gmail Promotions tab if you do not see them in your inbox.

Credit & Debit Cards

If you are paying with a credit card or debit card, please check that the following information is correct: 

  • Name and address match your credit/debit card account
  • The card number has been entered correctly
  • The expiration date has not expired
  • The CVC/CVV code on the back of the card has been entered correctly
  • Confirm that you have not exceeded a limit on your account. 
  • Contact your bank to find out if there is a block on your card or if you need to give special authorization for an online order, particularly for international orders. 


If you are paying with PayPal, click on the PayPal button on the Order Form, which will take you to PayPal to enter your payment information. Then, you will need to go back to our order form to complete your transaction.

If you continue to have trouble making your payment, you are welcome to send us a PayPal payment manually with the following instructions:

  • In PayPal, send your full payment, in US Dollars, to as a Purchase of Services (No PayPal e-checks, please!)
  • Make sure to include a note indicating 1) what you are paying for, 2) full name, 3) address, and 4) email address.
  • After sending your payment, alert us by emailing 
  • If the name on your PayPal account is different, make sure to let us know!

Register by Phone

If you prefer to register with a credit card over the phone, you can leave a voicemail for our friendly Customer Support staff at (415) 223-7565. Just let us know:

  • Your contact info
  • Your time zone
  • Some good days and times to reach you

We hope these tips help your order to go through! However, don't hesitate to reach out to us, if further assistance is needed.

Click here to contact Customer Support.

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