Qigong Global Summit 2019

The event aired September 24–27, 2019.

Discover Qigong energy healing practices to release stress, amplify your life force & increase JOY!

Take your health, healing, and wellbeing into your own hands...

Through simple yet powerful Qigong exercises, meditations, and flow movements, you can direct life-force energy (known as “Qi”) to specific parts of your body — transforming anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health. 

As your body responds by doing what it’s designed to do (self-heal and rebalance), blocks in your energy body dissolve and your radiant Qi flows smoothly into every dimension of your being — emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

And our esteemed teachers in the Qigong Global Summit will guide you… 

The Qigong masters, doctors, and practitioners in the Qigong Global Summit will provide deep insights into the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Discover how to release stress, create a sense of flow, and ground your body and being... so you can navigate daily life with ease. 

During the Qigong Global Summit, some of the foremost teachers in the field — including Daisy Lee, Lee Holden, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Master Mingtong Gu, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching LeeMaster Li Junfeng, Robert Peng, Pedram Shojai, Bill and Angie Douglas, Dr. Paul Hannah, and others — will share essential practices for elevating your flow of Qi for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re an experienced healer, medical practitioner, reiki master, athlete, yogi, or dancer — or simply new to Qigong — you’ll discover deeper levels of healing and heightened awareness of the subtle energy body.

Join these experts through high-quality video, as they illuminate both the philosophical and practical components of working with Qi — and offer powerful practices you can use right away.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:






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