Awaken Your Kundalini Summit 2019

This live event aired November 5–8, 2019.

Clear karmic patterns from your mind-body and the collective field... and experience true joy and wellbeing.

Everything in the universe is energy.

And the most powerful energy for your healing and inner awakening lies dormant at the base of your spine...

It is your prana... your life force... your Kundalini...

Kundalini unlocks the “you within you...” It’s a path for your deepest transformation yet.

Kundalini is the unique frequency of your being... radiating up your chakras, all through your mind-body, and into the world...

This energy is said to enter us at birth and remain latent until ignited, which can occur spontaneously, accidentally, or as a byproduct of intense spiritual practices. Once awakened, Kundalini can lead to higher visions, blissful feelings, and spontaneous movements of the body called kriyas.

Access to your Kundalini also helps you consciously unwind from trauma, familial, and karmic patterns, and release stress, anxiety, and unexpressed emotions.

You can also learn how to safely activate your Kundalini to clear collective fear and other “denser” energies – transforming them into higher frequencies of love.

Kundalini is more than a resource for healing...

Awakening to your Kundalini is about becoming a true master of the energy YOU ARE – a divine frequency that’s powerful beyond measure, infinitely creative, and intimately connected to your soul.

Through experiential yogic practices, you can release stuck patterns from your mind-body, elevate your frequency, and radiate this divine energy in everything you do.

In the Awaken Your Kundalini Summit, you’ll receive leading-edge practices and tools to ignite deeper levels of healing, spiritual awareness, and energy mastery.

Tapping into this primal energy helps you be more present, more grounded, and more connected to yourself and your dreams...

... and manifesting will be much easier when you’re aligned with this creative life force...

Such is the power of Kundalini.

The visionary speakers in this summit will show you how to awaken your full potential, move through energy blocks, and align your entire life with the powerful spiritual energy within you.


The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:


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