Dreamwork Summit 2019

The live event aired October 29–November 1, 2019.

What if you could receive the knowledge you need to lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life... from your dreams?

Dreams are your most intimate source of soul wisdom – offering powerful information, support, and guidance you can’t access through your conscious mind or receive from another person...

Life transitions — divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of a relationship or job — become easier to navigate when you learn to work with the images and characters in your dreams.

By simply asking your dreams for guidance before you go to sleep, you open the door to revealing your soul’s desires and highest purpose... and illuminate a path forward.

Messages from beyond the veil… from loved ones who’ve passed and ancestors who lived centuries ago... can also be accessed through your dreams, when you know how to listen...

Dreams of a former lover or friend can reveal life lessons of value in your life today.

Dreamwork can help you reframe your experiences, and provide surprising and effective ways for dealing with life’s challenges.

Through the practice of natural dreamwork, exploring the feelings associated with dream images, you can increase your emotional intelligence… bringing new insights to your relationships and daily life. 

Powerful ideas and creative inspiration can also arrive on the wings of a dream, through intentional dreaming — setting an intention prior to drifting off to sleep.

You can even learn how to dream a better world into being… by applying your imagination and passion to help manifest a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable planet.

Since ancient times, civilizations have looked to their nighttime dreams for wisdom – to foretell the future, cure sickness, and communicate with divine realms. In many cultures, the interpretation of dreams were entrusted to only a special few.

Yet, you don’t need special powers or years of study with a master dreamwork teacher to work with your dreams...

You simply need to learn how to pay attention to your dreams… to their themes, characters, and landscapes, and to the feelings they evoke in you.

Your dreams can help you uncover unhealthy emotional patterns, the cause of an illness, how to mend a difficult relationship, jump-start a creative project, or make a big life decision.

Dreams also give you a glimpse into your future. Some dreamers have even found themselves visiting other realms and past or parallel lives…

The Dreamwork Summit is a global gathering of leading dreamwork experts, renowned psychology professionals, and celebrated authors. They’ll be sharing a unique variety of dreamwork approaches — and specific ways to open to your inner guidance that promise to transform your relationship to your dreams.

Join more than two dozen master dream teachers, including Robert Moss, Sandra Ingerman, Toko-pa Turner, Dr. Michael Katz, and Jean Shinoda Bolen, who’ll be offering effective practices, tools, and techniques for tapping into the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration within your nighttime dreams.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:



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