Resilience and Renewal in Your Third Act 2020

The live event aired June 15–19, 2020.

 Do you have a clear and inspiring vision for your life in the coming months and years?

As a woman over 50, are you ready to go beyond merely enduring a “new normal,” and bring the full force of your power, grace, and inner strength to full bloom for the next chapter of your life?

At such an unusual and historic time, it may seem self-centered to ask how you’re fine-tuning your unique gifts and purpose in this life — yet, to be a voice of wisdom as the world begins to re-open... and an advocate for a transformed, healthier planet when we reemerge… this inquiry is essential!

Being a wise woman with an abundance of life experience, now may be a perfect time to gather your wealth of insights and share this richness with others.

Imagine invoking the graceful and formidable “steel magnolia” within... while simultaneously honoring the grief, vulnerability, and moments of anxiety about the future.

You might wonder exactly how you’ll rise and regenerate yourself as we all gear up for a gradual exit from this period of pause and containment.

Why not use this pivotal period to your advantage — reimagining and generating the most empowered version of yourself and your life?

During this catalytic time, when many fear for their health and safety... caring for your wellbeing is a top priority, and nourishing your dreams can feel like a revolutionary act.

Resilience & Renewal in Your Third Act is here to equip and empower you to live fully in the face of upheaval and uncertainty.

This summit offers you a path into whatever your next committed endeavor may be and whatever impact you choose to make — with profound insights, tools, tips, and practices that will help you manifest your highest potential!

When you attend this highly anticipated returning summit (at no charge), you’ll glean inspiration from daring and grace-filled leaders… and face the future with confidence and renewed vigor.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:

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