2020 Shamanism Summit

This summit aired July 7-10, 2020

The world is undergoing an initiation...

With the massive threat to global health, as well as the uprising against racial inequity, the soul of humanity is being challenged to the core.

At the heart of this turbulent transformation lies an invitation to reconnect with the inherent balance and intelligence of the natural world, as well as our shared humanity.

The ancient knowledge of our ancestors and elders is needed now more than ever — as we navigate through times of illness, painful division, and societal disruption.

It’s time to call on the world’s spiritual midwives — those who can bridge us to a new paradigm.

Rooted in ageless wisdom and collective ancestral experience, with their feet planted squarely on the earth, this circle of elders (and youth) can offer sound guidance through this pivotal global transition.

Just as communities have long gathered around the fire to listen to the elders and prophets speak, we can convene (albeit virtually) and learn from those who’ve been earth’s primary custodians for millennia.

We can refer to these guides as mystics, some of them as shamans, and others as elders or wisdom keepers.  

A shaman can be defined as an earth-centered community guide and healer who travels between worlds to gather and transmit information that helps individuals and the community.

In slowing down to honor and learn from these sacred guides, we’re also engaging with some of the very descendants of those who survived plagues and atrocities that nearly wiped out their ancestors… as they carry forward precious cultural and spiritual knowledge from time immemorial.

Ancient shamanic systems can support all of humanity to transform self-destructive patterns, generational wounds, and the sense of separation, to create a soul-aligned, interconnected way of life.

Shamanic and mystical practices that help you remember your integral place in the world can now become part of your everyday experience.

In the midst of the upheaval of our current times, earth-based wisdom remains a lighthouse in the storm... shining the light of perennial wisdom and connecting you to the unbreakable spirit that unites us all.  

In this year’s Shamanism Summit, you’ll discover teachings from across the globe — from the Amazon to Europe to Africa and more. Each tradition may be radically different, yet they all emerged from similar core perspectives that point to the same universal principles.

Register — at no charge — to join these remarkable teachers who are sharing mystical insights from diverse traditions, and learn how to apply their teachings to your daily life and our world.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:

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