Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit 2020

Summit aired August 24-28, 2020

Never has it been more important and urgent to regenerate your body and build robust immunity than now, in the midst of our global health crisis.

Acquiring the right knowledge about plant allies, and how to source and prepare them, can be life-changing for you and your family.

To be sure, the advances of modern medicine are amazing, even miraculous. Our ability to treat ailments and cure diseases is an inspiring testament to what we’re capable of.

And, some of the most simple and overlooked elements of our immediate natural environment also offer remarkable healing power…

Plants contain a myriad of compounds which can nourish, balance, and support immune function, thereby increasing your body’s built-in resistance to disease.

Medicinal botanicals have a wide range of healing properties when properly applied. They can reverse inflammation, renew proper organ function, and tone the endocrine system, for starters. And, they can rebalance your emotions and provide you with clarity and enhanced vigor.

Furthermore, certain types of plant medicines can protect you from the negative effects of modern life — from toxic substances in the food supply, to high levels of electromagnetic radiation exposure, to chronic daily stressors, and more.

Finding a pathway specific to your needs can be daunting... and the information-saturated online space can be overwhelming...

… making it difficult to discern which products being advertised are verified and trustworthy, and the most impactful way to build your home pharmacy and choose which medicinal plants to grow or buy.

That’s why we’re excited to present the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit — a timely gathering of Ayurvedic and integrative medicine doctors, and botany and ecology experts. Each will share their multifaceted approaches to healing and renewing the body by allying with nature.

There are variable and conflicting messages and many unknown factors around how to stay safe and well during this time of the pandemic, which means many of us are living with a lot of fear and anxiety.

When operating in a state of constant fear, a number of stress hormones are amplified and secreted into the blood. Over time, these can negatively affect your health, causing a host of maladies, from panic and anxiety... to rage and depression... to digestive problems and physiological breakdowns.

This summit will help you clear the extraneous noise and anxiety-soaked information surrounding public health — empowering you with expert-level, practical, and responsible insights into the best plant medicine and natural health strategies for your needs.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two free recordings from the event



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