Dreamwork Summit 2020

This summit aired October 13-16, 2020

Beholding our world in a state of turmoil, it can seem like we’re descending into a collective nightmare.

With worsening environmental disasters, continued health and economic uncertainty rippling across the globe... and mounting social unrest and political turmoil... many are disoriented and mourning the loss of normalcy.

In the realm of dreamwork, nightmares serve as important messengers, prompting the sleeper to awaken — not only from the dream, but spiritually and personally as well. Learning to unlock the deeper meaning of your dreams, especially the frightening ones, can illuminate a pathway through the confusion into clarity, peace, and renewed vision.

As a collective, we can choose to view these challenging times as an invitation to dive deep... to uncover and work with our shadow side and the things we need to wake up from.

Exploring your dreams can help you unveil inner wisdom that's been clouded by the stressors of your waking life. And it can help you access your intuition — a source of clarity, guidance, transformation, and the key to manifesting what you need to navigate these difficult times.

Dreamwork can help you imagine and live a new story for your life. It can help you transmute fear into self-compassion, courage, and better understanding of yourself and others.

The Dreamwork Summit is here to help you develop a healing relationship with your dreams. When you befriend your subconscious mind, it can provide you with clues for your next steps... and unique insight into the state of our world.

You’ll discover ways to hone your discernment — while sifting through excess “psychic noise” — and sharpen your intuition.

During this 4-day free online event, you’ll explore a variety of dreamwork methods that can help you re-frame and work through painful experiences, ease stress, and provide new perspectives on your challenges — and even break through lifelong blocks to start living the life your soul intended for you.

Join more than 20 master dream teachers — including Robert Moss, Sandra Ingerman, Sergio Magaña, Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, Sharon Blackie, Andrew Holecek, and Paul Levy.

They’ll provide you with expert insight and powerful practices to access the archetypal wisdom, power, creative inspiration, and self-empowerment hidden in the images, landscapes, and messages of your nighttime dreams.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two free recordings from the event:



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