The Shift App - General Information

The Shift App boasts the best of the Shift Network's transformational education — in your pocket. Enjoy weekly mini-courses, meditations, and more from the world's foremost experts on personal development, wellbeing, and spirituality.

The Shift app offers a new way of accessing transformational information and courses developed by some of the leading experts at The Shift Network.

This app makes it easier than ever for you to access the on-demand, life-changing content when it's convenient for you. It's rich in variety and depth, and it's easily accessible to everyone — anytime and anywhere. Featured teachers and experts include Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Sandra Ingerman, Deepak Chopra, Judith Orloff, Bruce Lipton, Dereca Blackmon, Lee Holden many more.

Click below to download The Shift app to your mobile device!

With a swipe (or two!) of a finger you can begin your personalized journey, and immediately explore wisdom from world-renowned teachers, authors, and experts on topics such as:

  • Peace

  • Health & Healing

  • Personal Growth

  • Social Change

  • Business & Leadership

  • Women

  • Relationships

  • Energy Medicine

  • Plant Medicine

  • Meditation, Yoga & Qigong

  • Shamanism

  • And more

PLEASE NOTE: This app offers standalone content and does not give you access to the Shift website or full-length premium Shift Network courses. Please use log into your Premium Access Website to access your regular Shift courses and summits.

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