What are the certification requirements?

  • Attendance (or recording access) of all weekly teachings.
  • Attendance (or recording access) of two Integration Sessions per month.
  • Live (Zoom) attendance in at least one Attunement Group per month.
  • Attendance (or recording access) of three Electives throughout the year.
  • Weekly assignments as dictated by Mirabai and Andrew.
  • Maintain a personal Mystics Journal for ongoing reflections on teachings, readings, practices, and guests (electives).
  • Monthly required reading (booklist).
  • Ongoing suggested reading (booklist).
  • Monthly writing prompt (end of each song, submitted online)
  • Year-end Capstone Project (a creative application of the learnings gleaned through the Mystics program, completely at the behest of the students to choose the desired direction. Faculty suggests an essay on an impassioned topic, a collection of mystical poems or adjacent creative writing, or a performative piece).
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