Who will benefit from this certification?

  • You’re passionate about exploring mysticism yet have felt lonely in your solo quest and crave the support and compassion of a community of like-minded seekers.
  • You’re a healing practitioner, spiritual teacher, or life coach who wants to explore the teachings of the mystics across the world’s great spiritual traditions and connect with your own deepest mystical self.
  • You’re experiencing a “dark night of the soul,” know this is a time ripe for transformation and can benefit from the inspiring teachings of the mystics.
  • You’re rooted in a particular spiritual tradition yet curious about other wisdom traditions and excited about embarking on an interspiritual quest that exposes you to mystical teachings from around the world.
  • You seek to cultivate profound friendships and partnerships rooted in spiritual awareness and capable of nourishing and catalyzing transformation.
  • You’re wondering how to be of service in the world and sense that the path of the mystic can help open you to this wisdom.
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