What bonus offerings are included with my purchase?

Two Bonus Course Gifts From Mirabai Starr and Andrew Harvey:

Mirabai and Andrew have selected two of their popular Shift Network courses, one each, as special gifts for you. These generous offerings are some of their most popular trainings on mysticism and its transformative power to open us to a greater capacity for compassion, love, inner peace, and a deeper desire to serve humankind. These bonus courses are in an on-demand format so you can enjoy them at your own pace throughout the year of the certification training, and beyond.

Live the Sacred Blessings of the Women Mystics & Goddesses
12-Module On-Demand Course From Mirabai Starr

In this special 12-part video program, Mirabai invites you to enter a virtual sanctuary, a refuge where you can set down your daily challenges and allow solutions to arise organically — out of the brokenness, wisdom, and love of the Feminine. You’ll come to know the women mystics as wise, empowering, and compassionate allies you can turn to during challenging times and throughout your life journey. 

Embrace the Dark Night to Become the Phoenix Rising
7-Module On-Demand Course From Andrew Harvey

In this transformative 7-part journey with Andrew, you’ll discover and open to spiritual transfiguration to become a new, enlightened divine being. You’ll be immersed in Andrew’s unparalleled understanding of the hidden secrets within Christianity, Kabbalah, Shaivism, and Vajrayana Buddhism. And you’ll discover what the four greatest mystics of the last century had to reveal about transfiguration, as well as the details of Andrew’s own “Dark Night,” a devastating 10-year period that led to his rebirth.

Additional offerings, added July 20, 2021:

 From Mirabai: Calling on the Mystics in Life's Challenges: Teresa of Avila as an Accessible Ancestor

Recorded video dialogue between Mirabai and Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, the program’s Lead Spiritual Guide.

This is a very personal exploration of how Teresa de Avila’s teachings are helping Mirabai through a difficult time and how they can be of help to you in navigating challenging times.

From Andrew: How to Develop a Transfiguring Spiritual Practice 

Special live class with Andrew scheduled for August 18, 2021.

Andrew will share his vision of the five essential kinds of sacred practice we all now need not only to unfold our own divinity but to serve with our own unique temperaments and resources- the great birth of a divine humanity that is struggling against great odds to be born and to renew and regenerate our world. He will speak out of his own inmost experience and offer concrete practices that he knows are not only powerful but actually transfiguring. 

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