Sound Healing Summit 2021

Summit aired August 9-13, 2021

Are you ready to drop out of a cluttered mental state and into a deeply resonant, harmonic bliss-state?

Do you sense that now is the time to become reacquainted with your true self… and to re-emerge with more control over your own healing?

Are you looking for new and profound ways to experience and share healing? As a uniquely vibrational being, you can attune to your highest level of being through the beauty of sound healing.

Vibrational medicine, an instantaneous way to quiet your overactive mind, works on an intuitive level that bypasses thought and guides you into a gratified state of tranquility.

In the Sound Healing Summit, you’ll experience myriad vibrational methodologies, including harmonics, tuning forks, sound baths, and voice — and even the application of sound in Feng Shui.

These self-soothing practices can bring your body into resonance, relieve stress, lower your heart rate, stimulate immune response, and activate blood cell vitality.

Sound healing enables you to surrender anxious thoughts, begin to heal trauma and treat addiction, and so much more. These ancient sound healing methods are fast becoming the medicine of the future.

This revelatory event brings together leading masters, scientists, practitioners, trainers, and performers to aid in collective repair and harmonization. They offer the latest in tools — backed by science as well as ancient traditions — you can use now for self-stabilization, personal growth, and preventive medicine.



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