I missed one or more free offerings for this program. Are replays available?

Click here to watch recordings of these three events:

  • Answer the Call of Your Soul Through the Sacred Teachings of the World’s Mystical Traditions (One-hour introductory event)
  • Q&A with Mirabai Starr and Andrew Harvey
  • Q&A with Andrew Harvey and Rev. Seifu

Click here to watch How to Develop a Transfiguring Spiritual Practice with Andrew Harvey

  • This page also includes a link to The Law of Sacred Practice (Chater 9 of Andrew's book, The Hope).

Click here to watch Calling on the Mystics in Life’s Challenges: Teresa of Avila as an Accessible Ancestor with Mirabai Starr.

Click here to watch Filling Our Cup: Drinking From the Wellspring of Inspiration, with Mirabai Starr and Andrew Harvey.

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