The Future of Plant Medicine Summit 2021

The live summit aired Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2021

The natural world holds a multitude of secrets for healing the body, mind, spirit, and planet.

Would you like to develop the power to more easily care for yourself, while remaining in spiritual communion with the natural world around you?

With the proper guides leading you through the latest botanical medicine discoveries, you can apply this wisdom for immune repair, neural and cognitive support, and spiritual enlightenment.

Would you like to benefit from up-to-date research on how plant allies can help you navigate specific present and future challenges?

We’re living in a pivotal time for deepening our approaches to wellness and healing. Traditional wisdom on how our plant allies help our bodily systems is being supported by scientific evidence of how botanical medicines work. Established botanical medicine experts have energized a new generation of healers and educators who are eager to help people integrate clinical practices with individual self-care routines.

Plant medicine has been shaped by ancient traditions from around the world — and our ancestors' antidotes are influencing the future of how we can treat and heal diseases, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, and even approach pandemics. What we’ve learned about botanical rituals and remedies from Mayan, Ayurvedic, and Tibetan healers, for example, gives us a roadmap for preventing and managing future ailments.

We’re excited to present The Future of Plant Medicine Summit at a time of global awakening to the importance of holistic approaches to disease, emotional distress, and planetary healing. This esteemed collection of Ayurvedic and integrative medical doctors and pharmacists, herbalists, researchers, educators, and healers are shaping the future of herbal medicine.

You’ll be receiving support not only from revered Shift Network faculty, but also from the next generation of visionaries in the plant medicine movement, all of whom can help you understand the practicalities of creating an individualized botanical medicine treatment plan.

Over the course of an enlightening week featuring the very latest in plant medicine research, you’ll deepen your understanding of the role of specific herbs in common health concerns — such as herbs used in Ayurveda for every stage of life, nervine tonic herbs for protection against stress, and herbs for managing headaches naturally, among other valuable applications. Plus, you’ll gain the framework for how to speak with your medical doctors about herbal medicines, and for implementing your own self-care practices for these challenging times.

You’ll have access to a level of spiritual healing unavailable with allopathic medicine. You’ll explore myriad rituals, passed down through generations, that connect you to your plant allies through a deep journey of the soul and the subconscious.

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