How can I learn more about this certification program?

Thank you so much for your interest in David Crow's upcoming year-long Illuminated Herbalism Certification Program with The Shift Network!

The program starts February 17, 2022, and ends March 23, 2023.

You are invited to watch the recording of our one-hour introductory event — at no cost — in which David will introduce you to the most important elements of this groundbreaking training, sharing with you what you can expect and how your participation may transform you and those around you in ways that might now be beyond the reach of your imagination.

We also have two Q&A session recordings; a Q&A with just David and a second Q&A with David and KP Khalsa.

Lastly, David created a Masterclass for you, where he introduces 5 Transformative Powers of Illuminated Herbalism.

To learn more about this year-long program, please follow any of the above links or visit

If you feel ready to apply for the program, you can find the Application HERE.  

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