What can I do with this certification?

There are many creative ways to leverage a rich working knowledge of Herbal Medicine as Spiritual Practice. Some possibilities are as follows:

  • Heal yourself of chronic health challenges
  • Assist your friends and family with methods that you know are effective through your own personal experience
  • Use herbal medicine to gain deeper and intimate knowledge and experience of the inner energetic/mystical/elemental aspects of our being
  • For clinicians and practitioners of herbology, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, can utilize both the herbal and the energetic inner dimensions to enhance your therapeutic practices
  • It will enhance your practices of qigong, meditation, somatic movement, etc
  • It will support you removing not only health challenges but will also change the energetic patterns of the body and mind that can support personal growth, evolution and remove karmic obstacles
  • Support your community with health / educational “clinics”
  • Greatly improve your own health and the health of your family, friends, and community
  • Create and market your own herbal products
  • Work in natural health retail / or apothecary
  • Plant, nursery, or farm work
  • Become an entrepreneur: ie: Farm to Table, Food as Medicine
  • Work for like-minded companies such as The Shift Network, Mind Valley, etc
  • Teach classes through adult learning, parks n rec offerings, community schools, and community share programs
  • Work for an herbal/aromatherapy products company
  • Write articles and blogs about your field of expertise
  • Create media: podcasts, instructional videos, etc.
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