Will I be able to access the medicinal plants featured in this program?

We will be studying plants from the Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western Herbal Traditions. David will provide his trusted resources for these herbs and preparations. 

You will not need access to all plants we study. Instead, you will be invited to build a home pharmacy with the herbal medicines that are best suited for you and your needs. 

In some cases accessibility to herbs from the US is a problem outside the country; however, there are also many herbs that are easier to get outside of the US, so it works both ways. In general we will be studying and using herbs that are widely available everywhere, and we will be sharing sources in different countries as well.

You may also ask your fellow students for recommended resources in our program community group as we have a worldwide student population. 

There are no requirements to work with live plants, but if you have them available you will learn the basics about preparing and using them. You will be able to use the plants in your garden and region, as long as you know the botanical identification and they are discussed in the classes.

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