How do I redeem an App Promo Code?

How to upgrade to Shift App Premium using your Promo Code

Download the Shift App from the App Store and Sign Up for your free account. If you’ve already signed up for the free version of the app, make sure you are logged in. Then, open the app.

Find your “Profile” in the menu bar across the bottom of the home screen and tap into it.


In your profile, scroll down to “Settings” and tap open “My Subscription.” 

This should open a subscription sales page that looks like the image below. Tap open the option that says, “I have a promo code.”

You should see a “Promo Code” page where you can enter your promo code and press “Apply.”  

Almost done! You should see a congratulations screen to confirm your promo code was submitted. All content, including all premium content, should be unlocked. If it’s not for some reason, then please log out of the app and log back in. 


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