How can I learn more about this certification program with Cyndi Dale?

We are excited to share that Cyndi Dale will be offering a path to Energy Healing Certification with The Shift Network, for those who love her teachings and techniques, through two upcoming longer programs.

Here is what we can share with you now:

  • The 7-week course Radical Energy Healing that started in April 2022 will be a prerequisite to a year-long certification program that will be a deep dive into The Four Pathways.
  • The certification program will begin in late summer (August) 2022.
  • The full Energy Healing Certification is a year-long program. If you are most interested in personal growth only and don’t want the professional certification, you can register for just the first 6-month Immersion (Part 1) alone.

Want to learn more? You are invited to attend a unique introductory event — at no cost — in which Cyndi will reveal how to activate specific brain states to transform stuck trauma into peace and wisdom — so you can achieve your guru state by accessing your own inner spiritual planes, intuitive abilities, and ever greater depths of spirit and soul.

* * *

Explore Guru Consciousness, with Cyndi Dale

Saturday, June 4, 2022

4pm Pacific Time

Register for this FREE event by clicking here

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NOTE: all details listed above are tentative and subject to change.

Thank you again for your interest, and please stay tuned for more information...coming your way soon!

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