Sacred Journey to Peru Retreat 2023

This retreat is from August 12 - 21, 2023

Have you ever been on a journey that changed your life forever?

Travel is a potent portal to growth... and when you travel to one of the most powerful sacred locations on Earth, accompanied by great healers, to work with ancient traditions and life-changing plant allies, true magic is possible.

The goal of this sacred journey to Peru is to create a unique, life-changing initiation into traditional ways of healing with sacred plants, devotional music, Andean culture, and beautiful natural environments — all within a community of conscious peers.

Healing experiences will be combined with modern wisdom, integration resources, and heart-centered community… to bring you into connection with your truest Self and propel you into a new phase of your life personally and professionally.

The Shift Network has brought together the best guides, facilitators, and healers we know for an unprecedented convergence at a pivotal moment. According to lead faculty Puma Fredy Quispe Singona and his lineage, Earth is currently going through a shift into a new level of consciousness... in which the old destructive patterns in our human story are reaching their conclusion, and the new is being born.

This shift is happening through us. We’ve all endured traumas and hardships that may be perpetuating patterns that don’t serve us or the greater good. To emerge as leaders for this new era, we need to clear space for what’s to come.

It’s time to repair our history and reconnect our bodies, minds, and souls.

This sacred journey to Peru is a unique opportunity to activate a new and awakened you.

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