The Global Mystics Gathering Retreat 2022

This retreat takes place from October 6-12, 2022

Light the way to a new possibility for humanity.

Together, we embarked on an epic year-long Global Mystics Certification to dive deep into the practices of the great mystics, and to learn new roadmaps to mystical experience through the diverse traditions of the world’s religions, deepening our humanity and increasing our capacity for compassionate action.

Along the way, we've been blessed, loved, and empowered by two of the most esteemed teachers who’ve dedicated their lives to the path of the Great Mystics, Mirabai Starr and Andrew Harvey.

Their path to us was born through profound personal heartbreak and hardship, coupled with rigorous academic scholarship. The certification program is and always has been a culmination of their mutual life’s work.

It’s been a true gift to be in their presence.

While it hasn’t always been easy, that was never the promise, just as we couldn’t foresee all the ways our time together would manifest in our lives and in the world around us.

Through our regular teaching classes, elective sessions, and integration and attunement group meetings, we’ve come together as spiritual companions — bonded through ardor, cast forth to engage with our lives as Sacred Activists in our homes, places of work, and communities.

We’ve become a family of heart-centered beings that’s bound to persist long after our time together in this program comes to a close.

There’s one essential step we’ve yet to take…

Direct experience is our greatest teacher. There’s no substitute for intimacy with the Divine. We learn through an embodied encounter with the world itself.

That’s why it’s time for us to gather in an ancient, beautiful, and idyllic birthing ground — the traditional lands of the Mayan people in the heart of the Yucatán rainforest — to complete what we began in a virtual space.

Together we’ll progress to the next level, birthing into the mystery of divine human existence in a community that has already reached a profound level of synergy, support, and commitment to mutual awakening.

Each day will be spent in community, catalyzed by Mirabai and Andrew and going beyond into the spontaneous dance of the mystery as through each other. We’ll rejoice in the majesty of this Earth, hone the spiritual practices we’ll carry forward, and clarify our greatest service. We’ll devote ourselves to the path ahead as we perform the rituals and prayers calling to us in this time, both in concert with others and in solitude.

It will be a time of cleansing, clearing, opening, and restoration. For those of us who see the heartbreak of the world with open eyes, we need to grieve, release, and restore together — and there is no better place to do so than the lush tropical womb of Mother Earth on the edge of a majestic lake.

Andrew will also reveal his latest discoveries on what he calls, "the shadow work of transfiguration," and present a new kind of shadow work — which leads from divine consciousness rather than attempting to do shadow work from the very consciousness that shadow contaminates. His approach, pioneered by Sri Arubindo, can transmute our shadows into gold.

Andrew will also concentrate on the personal shadows that our culture manifests to help us clear what’s preventing us from assuming the challenges of sacred activism — and share a practice that can help all participants work on themselves with radical calm and joy.

As with our year-long certification program, our time in this intensive will be carefully crafted, featuring daily teaching sessions from Mirabai and Andrew.

But it will not be about just hearing more from them. It’s really a journey of your awakened embodiment and sacred voice. We’re expecting to create a spontaneous upwelling of magic in which the gifts of all join together to create a divine symphony.

As all that unfolds, you’ll also enjoy nearby excursions to remote Mayan temples and places of natural beauty, unscheduled time for interpersonal connections and contemplation, and celebratory events of music, dancing, and merriment.

We chose Rancho Encantado for its place as a cherished home in Mirabai’s life — as it was a family home for many years for its geographic, cultural, and ecological diversity and history unexploited by tourism — and as a sanctuary to immerse ourselves in, with one another, unencumbered by the demands and distractions of daily life..

It is a kind of Eden out of which we can co-create a new era.

We hope you’ll take refuge with us as we join together one final time — at the deepest possible level — away from our screens and into each other’s tender human embrace.

As we take this time to temporarily retreat from the world’s insanities, we will turn back to it, reinvigorated and ready for what’s next…


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