Sacred Sound Healing Retreat 2022

This Live Retreat takes place from December 4-10, 2022

Are you ready to take the next step in activating your body’s innate healing powers through proven sound-therapy techniques?

Imagine being immersed in a week-long cocoon of nourishing sound therapies that can cleanse you of the heaviness of recent years and leave you replenished, energized, and whole...

From the world’s leading provider of online courses for sound healing comes the most powerful sound healing retreat ever offered.


You’re invited to join us for this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime event held in beautiful Monterey, California, at the Asilomar Hotel & Conference Grounds, where you’ll:

  • Start each day with therapeutic sound practices and movement, including sonic stimulations to improve your physical health, ease pain, and enhance your cell-to-cell communication
  • Receive leading-edge information and practices from many of the world’s top authorities in sound healing, sonic therapy, and vibrational medicine to improve the quality of your daily life
  • Participate in harmonizing, awakening, and cleansing interactive sessions and workshops to elevate your emotional wellbeing
  • Interact with faculty and your fellow retreat participants in exercises, activities, and social events designed to help you build relationships with like-minded peers
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to apply music and frequencies to heal specific trauma and access higher states of consciousness
  • Enjoy the sublime spiritual beauty of the Northern California coast by participating in outdoor ceremonies, nature walks, and fireside gatherings
  • Attend meals and evening events to establish new, meaningful connections

Tune your mind, body, and soul with the amazing healing power of vibrational medicine through this immersive, week-long, in-person retreat. 

This exclusive event is sure to inspire a collective awakening of expanded potential, new discoveries, activations of deepened coherence, heart, and presence — and practical integration of the catalyzing power of sound as medicine.

You’ll explore and experience leading-edge modalities practiced by renowned sound healers from around the world who are harnessing ancient and modern practices that are increasingly validated by scientific research. 

You’ll deepen your path of self-discovery and healing — awakening, liberating, and aligning your unique voice with your expression of service that only you can offer our aching world.

And, you’ll give yourself a profound leap forward in your spiritual and professional evolution by learning the latest techniques in blending meditative practices with proven vibrational medicine — to harmonize your biofield and awaken the powers that lie dormant within you.



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