Is it possible to audit the program if I love to learn, but don’t have a need for the certificate?

Yes! This program will provide excellent learning for everyone who wishes to go deeper into the Kinesa process. Auditing the program is an option for those who don’t wish to teach or become a practitioner of the Kinesa process. Certification requirements would not apply; however, we encourage all participants to engage fully in the program and complete the requirements to gain the full benefit of the program. We also encourage all participants to join the small-group cohorts for connection, community, and integration.

Engaging in and participating in all aspects of the programs will help participants gain the full experience of the programs, inform them on whether to change to the Certification track, and ensure that a change to the Certification track will go smoothly — and that catching up on all of the requirements and submissions will not be a heavy lift.

If you are interested in auditing, please reach out to us right away to go over your options. You can submit a Customer Support Request or write us at

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