What is the schedule and what are the main program details?

Part 1, the 6-Month Immersion program, starts November 29, 2022, and ends Jun 6, 2023

  • An Immersion Into the Kinēsa Process for Personal Transformation & Healing: The 6-month immersion is a process of learning through movement... integrating movement lessons with research... multidisciplinary explorations... guided meditations, inquiry, and discussions. This exploration into your biology, history, and humanity provides a body/mind/emotion/energy prism for personal transformation.

Part 2 of the Year-long Certification program starts July 6, 2023 and ends Jan 16, 2024.

  • A Certification in the Kinēsa Process for Healing & Teaching Others in a Professional Setting: Part 2, which is also six months long, will build on the self-transformation you underwent in Part I, to train you to become the most effective Kinēsa practitioner or teacher you can be. When you complete the full year, you’ll receive a certificate that will help you create an added dimension in your practice and effectively expand your clientele, thereby building a successful healing profession. This is for everyone who wants to integrate the Kinēsa process into a teaching practice that can help heal others and support conscious evolution.

Click here for the full program schedule.

All sessions will be held online through Zoom. There will be no in-person engagement.

  • Class (120 minutes): Thursdays at 10:00am Pacific
  • Integration (90 minutes): Tuesdays at 10:00am Pacific
  • Elective (90 minutes): select Tuesdays at 10:00am Pacific
  • Collabs: The second and fourth weeks of the month (exact day/time will vary)

Click here for an outline of the Yearlong Certification Program

Click here for an outline of the 6-Month Immersion Program

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