What is the certification focus?

Expand your teaching and healing repertoire through a comprehensive set of next-level Feldenkreis® movement skills and techniques in this Somatic Movement Training Certification.

Work with the 7 bodies and 7 distinct principles of Kinēsa and become certified in a profoundly effective, clinically based somatic process you can use in any professional practice.

Somatic Movement Certification: the ONLY yearlong learning system, movement modality, and personal growth approach available that brings together the “seven bodies” and seven distinct principles. By immersing yourself in this work, you not only dramatically increase your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, but also guide others in their own transformation.


As a student in this program, you’ll:

  • Learn and practice a full range of movement lessons — to improve one’s emotional life, physical health, and mental abilities... and awaken joy and wellbeing
  • Acquire skills and tools of the Kinēsa process to achieve heightened physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness by focusing on movement from a more holistic perspective
  • Develop your skills to lead, teach, and help others do the same as a professional Kinēsa practitioner, to:
    • Bring awareness to different parts of the body and improve the physical experience, reducing pain and tension and helping people become more nimble, balanced, and integrated
    • Help others develop emotional resilience and fluency, for the ability to respond rather than react to life
    • Improve mental acuity, heighten intuition, and strengthen the ability to think ahead.
  • Take your spiritual life to new heights with movements that are connected to ancient wisdom traditions and neuroscience
  • Build your transformational business practice with expert guidance
  • And much more...
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