Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit 2022

Live event aired October 17 - 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what differentiates an empathetic person from an actual empath? As the former, you feel joy or compassion for another person experiencing happiness or grief…

… but if you’re an empath, you feel their actual emotions— in your own body. And when you have such fluid boundaries, you often wind up taking on the pain and stress of those around you.

Were you born with a highly sensitive nervous system? Throughout your life, have you found yourself attuned to the emotions and energy (both positive and negative) of others? Have you consistently been told that you’re overreacting, overly dramatic, and too sensitive?

And once you’ve assimilated energy that’s not your own, do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or depleted?

If any of these statements ring true for you, you may be an empath, highly sensitive person (HSP), or intuitive.


The good news isyour sensitivity is a HUGE gift! Your ability to feel others’ emotions and your natural empathy is very much needed in today’s world. And it’s not only possible for you to share your gifts — it’s possible to feel nourished rather than depleted or overwhelmed while doing so.

You simply need a different set of tools to master your gifts of sensitivity — turning them into your superpowers.

Then, you can use these powers to unlock your soul’s true purpose— why you arrived here on the planet at this time. The world needs your light now more than ever.

Throughout the Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit, you’ll join a worldwide community of empaths, intuitives, and HSPs who also want to stand in their power and wisdom while learning to establish firm boundaries and trust their intuition.

You’ll be led by an inspiring gathering of revolutionary empathy experts, luminaries, doctors, and teachers who will help you experience more freedom, increased energy, a greater sense of self, and resilience against outside energetic forces.

Discover how to share your light with the world — confidently, freely, and without stress or anxiety.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:



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