Beyond the Veil Summit 2022

The live event aired October 31 - November 4, 2022

Do you long to connect with loved ones who’ve passed on? Are you curious about near- or shared-death experiences? Or, are you seeking to help a loved one transition through their death process with grace and peace?

Increasingly, more and more research, documentation, and scientific evidence are being reported in peer-reviewed medical journals about the afterlife, the crossing-over process, and what happens to us after death.

Empirical data is also being reported worldwide on the phenomena of near-death experiences (NDEs), which seems to suggest (based on first-hand accounts of people who have “clinically died” and subsequently been brought back to life) that there is a measurable continuation of “consciousness” after the body ceases to function.

From reports of heightened consciousness (seeing, feeling, knowing, and sensing outside of physical material limitations) experienced by the soul or spirit outside the body — often as a frantic attempt is being made by medical personnel to revive the person to clear memories of what’s happening while the physical body is categorized as being “clinically dead” we now have extensive archives of evidence-based data showing us that there may be what some are now calling sufficient evidence for “veridical perception” — transpersonal experiences proving the existence of life-after-life.

We intuitively know and can feel that our loved ones on the other side are close — if we can just stop all the noise and outer world distractions for a minute. This allows us to tune in to their love, support, synchronicities, and angelic messages vibrations.

And, as we make these powerful ancestral connections, working with trusted, reputable channelers or mediums to reunite with our dear, departed loved ones we come to realize that they are continuing to support us beyond the veil, allowing us to let go of our fear of death and live more fully in the present.

During the Beyond the Veil Summit you’ll hear from leading medical professionals, spirit communicators, and NDE experts who will share effective ways to remove some of the major energetic blocks possibly preventing you from connecting with deceased loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to gain meaningful closure around the loss of a loved one, hoping to assist someone in making their transition, or wanting to glean insights into how to live your life more fully in the here and now this unique online event will awaken your curiosity and fascination about what lies on the other side of the veil, empowering you to view dying in a brand new way.



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