What is the certification focus?

As a student in this program, you’ll:

  • Bring forth the fruits of all that you’ve learned in A Year-Long Enneagram Certification Program in Conscious Living... with a focus on interpreting and integrating your understanding of that material in order to become a masterful vehicle who will transmit this extraordinary body of knowledge with deep understanding and skill
  • Gain creative tools and practices for grounding in and sourcing all 3 Centers of Intelligence... locating and developing your genuine inner wisdom and intuition... and expanding your self-knowledge and self-confidence in order to be real and open, relax in presence, attune to your inner guidance — and teach, touch, enliven, and inspire your students and clients to remember and embrace who they truly are
  • Develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the spiritual history, context, and implications of the Enneagram system of personality, and how your personal psychospiritual orientation and beliefs inform how you educate and coach
  • Undergo a focused exploration and understanding of your own Enneagram personality structures, along with their intrinsic preferences and biases — including the Centers of Intelligence, the 9 dominant types, the Instinctual Stacks, the Hornevian and Harmonic Triads, and the Essential Qualities — with an emphasis on how profoundly your particular personality profile impacts and shapes the way you interpret, express, model, and teach or coach with the Enneagram
  • Experience a greater awareness and understanding of your personal programming, predispositions, and experiential history that may get in the way and prevent you from showing up and teaching in the most authentic and compassionate way — to generate openness, build confidence and trust, and have a transformational impact on students and clients
  • Learn how to orient and prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to create and hold a container, maintain presence and energy, and generate the alchemy to nurture and support the genuine inner development and transformation of others
  • Receive best practices and strategies for communicating and working with students to guide and support their individual processes
  • Cultivate deeper understanding and appreciation of all 9 Enneagram types based on your own lived experience — enabling you to transmit your understanding of the types from the perspective of having inhabited each of them personally... as you’ll discover, this gives you a stronger sense of trust in teaching from what you know because it’s backed by your authentic living, evolving experience
  • And much more…
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