What are the certification requirements?

Attendance Requirements

  • Live-on-Zoom Attendance (or access recording) of weekly teachings on Wednesdays, (and Mondays in Unit 1), including Adjunct Faculty sessions
  • Student Teaching & Feedback Labs (ST&FL) (starting in Unit 2) - *Required to attend a minimum of two Monday ST&FL each month. (In case of a legitimate timezone issue, please contact Ann at
  • Live-on-Zoom attendance in at least two Practice Pod / month
  • One Live-on- Zoom Group Breathwork session

Practice, Submissions and, Formative Assessment Requirements

  • 10 minute Presence Practice (3, 3, 3, 1) - on your own time
  • Optional / Encouraged: Students volunteer to lead our 7 minute practice in various classes throughout the year
  • Unit Assessment at the end of each units ( total of 3) - write a brief reflection around your learning in this unit
  • Student Teaching & Feedback Labs (ST&FL) - 15 minutes of in-class teaching during Student Teaching Labs
  • Student Teacher Reflection at the end of each unit (total of 3) - complete the Student Teaching Feedback prompts (2-3 sentences) for each of the 8 students you observed teaching each month. These feedback forms will be shared with the students who teach.

Submissions for Teaching Certification 

  • Video of you teaching a live class in your community (including Q&A) (Once the program starts, more information will be shared with all details students need to successfully complete this phase of the program).
  • Submission of your Lesson Plan & post teaching self assessment

Upon successful completion of this program, Students will receive an Enneagram Professional Certification

Being certified in this program means….

That you have successfully completed a seven-month advanced level training program designed to support your development and significantly deepen your understanding and enhance your ability to teach, coach, and work professionally with the Enneagram system of personality.

Your certification confirms that you have rigorously honed your instrument and demonstrated your proficiency in preparation for employing the Enneagram skillfully and responsibly in the classroom, in business and occupational venues, as well as spiritual counseling and client-based therapeutic settings in a mature, compassionate, and transformative way.

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