Ways to Participate According to Your Schedule

We have customized our live courses to allow for various levels of participation that align with your preferences and schedule.

Live Sessions & Breakout Groups

We offer live class sessions with interactive small "breakout group" time at the end of the live class. For more information about participating in live sessions, please check out these articles: 

Recordings & Transcripts

If you're not able to participate in the live sessions, the next level of involvement is to listen to the recordings of these sessions. (Note: the breakout group time is not included in the recordings.) You may watch or listen to the session recordings online (unlimited access) to listen to at your convenience. Transcripts are also made available within approximately one week of each live session for people who wish to read the material.

Handouts & Homework

It is important to engage with the course material fully to embody any desired results. This includes handouts, assignments, and deepening practices requested by the faculty.

Course Homepage

Your purchase includes permanent access to all course content — accessible online  — unless refunded or otherwise specified. 

All course materials will be posted on a Course Homepage website, including recordings, transcripts, weekly handouts, live session access information, and bonuses. The recordings are posted within 48 hours of each live class. Transcripts are posted about one week after each live class. 

Facebook Community Group

We also offer a Facebook Community Group where you can interact with other members of the course anytime and share the learning experience together. Your participation in the online community is entirely optional, however, it does allow for a richer experience to connect and dialogue with fellow classmates if you choose to do so.

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