Closed Captioning & Transcripts

The Shift Network offers closed captioning, along with transcripts in PDF format, to make our programs more accessible and user-friendly for our deaf and hearing-impaired community, as well as anyone who needs the additional support of written words.

Please see the approximate timelines below for the availability of transcripts and closed captioning for specific Shift Network events and programs.


Live Courses

  • Live closed captions (supported by are offered during class sessions.
  • Transcripts and closed captions on video recordings are available on the Course Homepage.
    • Automated closed captions are available immediately.
    • Transcripts for the previous week's session are usually posted 1–2 days prior to the next live session, and at that time the transcript is used to create improved captions.
  • Closed captions are only available when streaming the video online (not on downloaded videos).
      • The captions are not part of the video file itself; they are in a separate file that "floats over" the video when it streams online. 

      • If streaming the closed-captioned videos online is not an option for you, and you need to download them, we could provide you with the individual caption files. You would then need to load the caption files into the player on your computer when watching a video. VLC Player works best for this. Although we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting on this, you can find more information here in the Vimeo Help Center

Free Introductory Webinars for Shift Network Courses

  • Links to video recordings are emailed to all registered event participants shortly after the Encore broadcast. You will find the closed caption (CC) option available on that replay.
  • Transcripts are available within 1-2 weeks of the live broadcast upon request only.

Free Course Q&A Events

  • Live Q&A events are hosted on Facebook, which offers users a CC option.
  • Transcripts are not available for our Q&A events.


Summit Upgrade Packages

  • CC is available at all times.
  • Proofread transcripts on video recordings are typically posted on the summit Premium Access Page within one-two weeks.

Free Online Summits

  • Autogenerated Closed Captioning will be available on live sessions and replays.
  • Typically posted within four hours after sessions initially air.
  • Once sessions are audited, the captions are replaced with proofread transcripts.
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