How can I solve the technical issue I'm having?

Order form not working? 

Video or event isn’t streaming properly? 

The program you just purchased isn’t showing up on your Customer Access Portal?

The Suggestions Below Solve 99% of Technical Issues!

If you are experiencing any technical issues like those listed above, please try each of the following suggestions until you find one that works. 

  • Use a different web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Vivaldi).
  • Clear your current web browser cache/ history. Visit: and click the button for the browser you are using.
  • Reboot your computer or device.
  • Reboot your modem + close all applications that may be using up bandwidth in the background (if you're suspect a speed issue).
  • Use a direct wired Ethernet connection instead of wifi. Or use wifi instead of a cellular connection.
  • Use a different device, or try at a different time of day (when your signal may be stronger).

Hopefully, that clears up the issue, but please submit a help request (with tech details, so we can troubleshoot further) if you need more assistance!



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